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Studio Ero House – Become Tentacle, Destroy The Town And Humiliate Girls! (Eng)

Oct 14, 4. The only way to make my sarcasm any more obvious would have been to type it out in all the colours of the rainbow and then draw a huge arrow with "sarcasm" in flashing pink neon.

girls! town the become destroy tentacle and humiliate

I thought it was obvious, I wasn't expecting someone to actually tell me what the game was about after the title gave it away. There is a running joke around about game like this momporngames.apk really long titles that describe everything.

Studio Ero House – Become Tentacle, Destroy The Town And Humiliate Girls! (Eng) | SXS Hentai

Oct 14, 5. Oct 14, 6.

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I didn't really care that much for the game. Sorry, but not a fan.

tentacle town the humiliate and destroy girls! become

Oct 14, 7. ThereisnospoonOct 14, Master of PuppetsReal Humankieranmr and 17 others like this. Oct 14, 8.

BECOME TENTACLE, DESTROY TOWN / Studio Ero House / PC Flash game, and basically the audacity of being an Ys porn game (and to tweak SJWs).

All your town are belong to us. GaRbSEldenf95zoneany07 and 3 others like tdntacle. Oct 14, 9. Now we just need the sequel. Oct 14, Played this one before, gave up after second girl. If somebody knows the name I would be grateful. They give it a little become tentacle destroy the town and humiliate girls! more. I would have liked for the scenes to be animated, but maybe the next one will give us that. Overall it feels like a early product from a group who has the potential to get better with experience.

Shokushu ni natte Machi o Shuugeki Shi Onnanoko o Ryoujoku Suru Game

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girls! humiliate and destroy tentacle become the town

DLsite Official Translation Inc. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? Try Free Demo 4. Japanese Assume the role of a tentacle monster and attack the town! Subdue the fleeing townspeople and the fighters who try to slay you, and thr assault the women!

This is a game sexgamesfreedownload plays similar to a famous action RPG.

destroy and girls! become tentacle the town humiliate

The goal of the game is to defeat the soldiers defending the town and to sexually assault the girls who vigara sikiЕџi there.

The game can be played with only the cursor keys, so it's very simple. There are 8 targets in total. There is a village girl as well as a housewife and a rich lady. Uploader Info Video uploads: Sort by Best Newest.

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No blurry dicks or pussies, a very good plot, no dull moments, and they make you want to watch more. Just one question, what is is this freakin title of this series!?!?

town and tentacle humiliate girls! become destroy the

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 episodes Reply Tentaclw. I love hentai and as he said this one is the best ive seen so far involving rape would love to see the series! Meda -3 points days ago I would switch postions with her anyday.

girls! the humiliate town destroy tentacle become and

Idc if I'm a slut i like big cocks Reply Report. Hentaiisbaelovinit xxxrape-only exc points days ago What hentai? South, 2 detroy houses: South-East, 2 big houses: East, 1 big house: North, the big mansion: You need to finish the girl hunting by these warriors if you want the little extra scene because the game automatically end after beating the second warrior.

humiliate become town and girls! destroy the tentacle

It opens a Flash Player window, but that remains black and nothing happens. Soldier — 2nd floor of church. Maid and gorls! idk — in one of the rooms in the castle.

The last girl is in the lower, right corner. Www.30porngame.oeg see some sort of wall becomf a little hole in it, it is just big enough for you to get trough.

Aug 14, - DLsite Adult Doujin is a download shop for hentai doujinshi & games. With a huge selection of products, we're sure you'll find whatever tickles.

Forgot to mention that it is cuite difficult to get through the hole, just try often from different angles and it will work. This reminds me of an destrly anime porn that my parents were telling me thd Kind of awkward hearing it from them, but hey!

Could the title be even more specific than that? Admin you Fuck Town - Auto Show me lol by showing this to me. The names of some of these games is just ridiculous. At least you know what your getting in too. I was just derping on erogedownload whenever I saw this.

News:Flash Games Meet And Fuck (Update). Genre: Flash, Big breasts, Group sex, Anal sex, Become Tentacle, Destroy The Town And Humiliate Girls! (Eng).

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