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Nov 17, - prologue for my upcoming game. this is Rogue Courier. it's an animated comic sort of flash. this was supposedly to be a series. however, a.

Rogue Courier 2 episode rogue courier

Some attacks hit and some attacks dont hit, and when "fighting" the wacko nobody hits and luck is the major attack. I was courierr to hit him only by chance. Third what was with the porno patreon bullshit??!!!!!!?? I understand sequestering some content behind a pay rogue courier episode 2 because of the need for some support, but don't fucking let me buy the thing and then fucking tell me that i need to be a patreon to loo Un tio Obi Wan I have already played the rogue courier episode 2 one, up until Halina gets to fly naked sex games online ship into a near by Glitch.

episode 2 courier rogue

But from there it stops. So, just was wondering.

courier 2 rogue episode

BTW great animation and great story line. Your email address will not be published.

2 rogue courier episode

Leave this field empty. I played a bit of rkgue and it seems like a really cool game D to move the ship and T,Y to fire You need two hands for combat, yet all the keys are located in the same space on the keyboard.

episode rogue 2 courier

You have to play with your hands on top of each other. I cannot understand why firing is not done with the mouse buttons.

courier episode 2 rogue

At the very least, firing should be done from the numpad. Also, how do you get the latest scene again?

courier 2 rogue episode

SeidoJun 26, The "game" side and the R18 side? Kreegan on November 8,8: RShadows on November 8,4: Love the art, as always. It sucks there's a patreon wall for rogue courier episode 2 of the stuff but I'll live, but it would be nice to know that it's there before putting down for them in the shop.

episode 2 courier rogue

Also, if you hit one of the menu icons rogue courier episode 2 the corner while next to someone it will activate their dialogue instead. Most importantly, my current mission is "Go to your bedroom and use Bleach porn game from your inventory. episodr

courier 2 rogue episode

I talked to the auction guy and got the JIN scoring device from the officer. Hey so I was playing through episode 1 of the game, but hentai fetish games the area with the first glitch in Draken territory, I entered the giant red crystal and it rogue courier episode 2 me to a space station.

courier 2 rogue episode

However, when I epidode, my player character turned invisible and I could only move horizontally. I couldn't leave the area and had to restart the game from the beginning.

2 episode rogue courier

Pretty sure it's rogue courier episode 2 spisode Sound effects and music are insanely loud - turned off all the sound for the game pretty shortly after starting Still not much of a "game" because of the split focus on either R18 OR gameplay Gameplay itself requires two hands in a game that contains R18 content The game part of things is required to view R18 content And there seems to now be currencies and items that have no gravity in the grand scheme of things.

courier episode 2 rogue

Art's good, but of course, you know that. Maybe split into two projects or two parts?

courier 2 rogue episode

The "game" side and the R18 side?

News:Sep 15, - Free Adult Games» Adult Games» Pinoytoons - Rogue Courier [Version ] -Some updates with Episode 3 new features were incorrectly rolled out with this update, causing some issues. -2 New Posters Added!

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