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Each time you loose, you get more points to put into things to make it easier. You watch her, and use the block, use the thing to recharge energy, use masturbation game healing ability at times, and use the attack ability once you have the energy.

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I won it before, but don't remember which does what. BlazBlue Litchi Sex Session. Slave Lords of the Galaxy. Try to have her captured by turn 46 if possible. Texas Search for dungeon.


Attack Edo - taken Save your stronger units for this attack. Be sure to include Natori - Souun leaves for dungeon. Edo Challenge golden bear - Power Golden Bear acquired.

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Owari Super advanced technology girl: Maria - sex ticket acquired. Senhime Attack Kazusa - taken. Attack Saitama - send Senhime alone to lose. Reload if she dies. · Avatar-Bending-Breakswf · · · ·

Sado Goddess of War: Leave Komatsu in prison. End Turn 4th gourd broken. Turn gril amationsex [True] Attack Izumo - send Senhime alone to lose. Senhime - level up - cleared. Turn 53 [True] Attack Izumo - taken. Izumo Zeth Big Four: Texas Study Dungeon Search.

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Turn 54 [True] Owari My slave: Sill - level up Shogun princess fight and fuck you did not get the scene at the start of this turn, it will sexy adult mod game offline rpg action by selecting this.

Rance's satisfaction bonus - Increase number of action fans. Declare war on Takuga family. End Turn Uruza scene CG Dokuganryuu family territory Investigate the youkai empire. Magic - level up - choose White destruction beam. Fick action can be used as a free action if needed.

Owari Leazus Royal Guard: Leila - level up. Attack Takuga family - shobun. Izumo Search for dungeon. Recruit Tanegashima Shigehiko from prison. End Turn Kasumi joins through random Maria event. She shogun princess fight and fuck not critical and will be dismissed eventually, so do not worry if shoun did not join you.

Rance's satisfaction bonus - Troop replenishment cost Mazo Search for dungeon. End Fifht Hanny's take one area of Takuga. Start trying to capture Kiku now. She can only be cleared if she is captured before Motonari is decursed. Sado Search for dungeon. Sado Sado Gold Mine Shogun princess fight and fuck. You will only encounter the scene once and it is an automatic loss. Send a single weaker unit to defend against her and save the others to annd against Takuga. Turn 59 [True] Mrs claus the unfaithful wife Akaheru.

Scout and reload and capture one of the Mouri sisters. Using Kuge Kyouko's light attack may be required. Rance's satisfaction bonus - Increase everyone's affection by 3. Leila A purple event should have appeared after the satisfaction bonus for Leila and Kenshin's duel. End Turn Try to capture another Mouri sister when you are attacked.

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porn celenik Try to have Kiku captured for next turn if you have not recruited her already.

Hanny's take one area of Takuga. Turn 60 [True] Dismiss Kasumi if she joined you. Recruit captured Mouri shogkn from defending battle if you have one. Recruit Sakamoto Ryo from prison.

Takuga family territory Ask Ryouma about Motonari. End Turn Operation permits should be given now or soon after. Uesugi Kenshin - level up. Use items on Kikkawa Shogun princess fight and fuck if needed. Kikkawa Kiku - level up. Your commanders will not shogun princess fight and fuck figjt enough to defeat the health boss.

End Turn Deploy Rance and Kenshin shgun while defending. Mouri Motonari is decursed after battle. Dismiss one of your generic units.

Use your next best attackers for this attack. If you happen to lose, reload and try again. Recruit any remaining Mouri sister that you captured.

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Sado Kenshin's staff officer: Naoe Ai - level up. End Turn 5th gourd is broken. Kanami - level up. Edo Have Kanami scout Fuco Choose a foot soldier shogun princess fight and fuck a warrior with at least troops and equip them with operation permits. Do not use them to search this turn.

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shogun princess fight and fuck Begin working Naoe Ai's unit up to troops if she is not at that already. Rance's satisfaction bonus Increase everyone's affection by 3.

Owari Search full force for missing Kou CG End Turn Operation permit holders retake any breeding season alpha 7.2 lost to Akashi. If one attacks Himeji itself, the first Nuhe will be released. Defending against Akashi retaking their territory will be an automatic loss until the Nuhe are exhausted.

Be sure to include at least 1 unit in your defense to trigger the event.

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Turn 64 [True] Tanegashima family territrory Musketeer girl: Yuzuhara Yuzumi - level up. Tanegashima family territrory Cube blacksmith: Tanegashima Shigehiko - level up. Mouri Shogun princess fight and fuck - level up. Dragonfly Cutter - equip dragon porn games Mouri Teru.

End Turn Operation permit holders attack Himeji shogun princess fight and fuck turn if they did not last turn. Be sure to defend against Akashi's retaking of their territory to trigger the Nuhe events. Turn 65 [True] Equip Naoe Fighht with an operation permit.

Uesugi Kenshin CG - level up. Do not use any operation permit holders.

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Declare war shogun princess fight and fuck Iga. End Turn Operation permit holders attack. Be sure to defend against all attacks. A single unit can princesz the Nuhe scene when Himeji is attacked.

Turn 66 [True] Use extra gold to increase the maximum troop size of one of your ninjas. You will need one at troop size by turn Kobayakawa Chinu CG - level free adult games account. Dismiss your last generic recruit.

Recruit Shogun princess fight and fuck from prison. Recruit Kawanoe Yuzuru from prison. Recruit Kawanoe Mine from prison. Sakamoto Ryouma - level up. Be sure to defend all attacks.

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Deploy Rance defending against Iga to trigger a scene. This should be the final Nuhe attack on you if you did not encounter it last turn. Turn 67 [True] Dismiss Niwa Nagahide.

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Recruit Nanjou Ran from prison. Tanegashima family territory Cube shogun princess fight and fuck Deploy Rance and Yuzuhara Yuzumi in the same defending battle. Deploy Suzume against Iga while defending.

Turn 68 [True] Edo Souun's fiancee: Lower Nanjou Ran's troops to 1. Mamushi Oil Field Treasure: Tanegashima Shigehiko - level up - cleared. Sakanoue no Tamuramaro - Seal of Approval acquired.

End Turn Choose Wait.

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shogun princess fight and fuck Turn 70 [True] Equip a ninja with ehogun Operation permit. Maria - level up - choose Tulip rapid-fire - cleared. Kikkawa Kiku - level up - cleared. Declare war on the Dokuganryuu family - Do not use any Mouri family members or Operation permit holders to declare war. Deploy all 4 Mouri ps1 nude game members in a defending battle to unlock Mouri family bonus. Allow the Dokuganryuu family to reclaim one of their areas.

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Your Operation permit holders will relaim it next turn. Tanegashima family territory Musketeer girl: Third Operation permit holder attacks - Noir deployed. Scout the Dokuganryuu family attacks. If Noir or Orime are deployed, defend and make sure to eliminate their units to capture them Seekers - Street Fighter. If you see Nogiku, reload and try to get one of the other two.

Nogiku cannot be captured yet. I captured Orime CG Turn 72 prinvess Dismiss Akechi Mitsuhide. Recruit Orime from shogun princess fight and fuck choose Noir instead if you captured her.

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Naoe Ai - level up - cleared. Declare war on the Takeda family. Heal all troops before ending turn. End Turn Operation permit holders take 4 areas in Takeda territory. Let Takeda retake an area fucm they attack. You will retake it with Operation permit holders next turn. Turn 73 [True] Dismiss Tanegashima Shigehiko. Miko Institute Miko of death: Natori - level up. End Turn Operation permit free pirn games take remaining areas in Takeda territory.

Allow Takeda to retake princrss area if they attack. Defend against the others. Turn 74 [True] Dismiss Kuge Kiyoko. Recruit Akashi Kazemaru from prison. Attack Dokuganryuu family - Southern area taken - Omachi deployed. Asakura Yoshikage - level up. Southern Takuga family territory Search for and defeat ogres. End Turn Operation permit holders retake territory and take new Dokuganryuu areas. Be sure to defend against Iga's attack. You may allow the others to retake areas if you cannot defend against them.

Akashi Kazemaru - level up. End Turn Defend against Takeda's attack this turn. The Dokuganryuu family can retake an area if they shogun princess fight and fuck this turn. Akashi Kazemaru - level up - Hibachi obtained You can now capture Nogiku when her unit is eliminated in battle.

Once Nogiku is captured, dismiss Akashi Kazemaru. Attack Shinano - taken. Owari Shogun princess fight and fuck King couple: Kentarou, Miki - Wait and see.

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Attack Kai - Takeda family conquered. Reload if one of them is killed when eliminated.

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End Turn Allow Dokuganryuu family to retake territory. Reload if they do not attack you this turn. If you scout their attack and a guardian is in the attack group, that guardian will not be defending next turn.

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You can either try to capture the guardian now and treat the attack first real adult game turn as a free action, or reload and force a change in their attack group. Turn 78 [True] Dismiss Mouri Motonari. Do not shogun princess fight and fuck Kuge Kyouko princexs combat.

Do not use Asakura Yoshikage in battle or recruiting this turn. Recruit the guardian that you just captured. If you defeated Omachi, skip this recruitment step.

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Digimon porn Kuge Kyouko to make room. Asakura Yoshikage - qnd up - cleared Max NP increases from to If you captured Omachi last turn, do not use Kuge Kyouko this turn.

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Attack Ezo - Be sure to eliminate abd defending guardian to capture her. If you captured have captured a recruitable guardian this turn, recruit the guardian that you just captured.

If dismiss Kuge Shogun princess fight and fuck if you did not last turn to make room. If you dismissed her shogun princess fight and fuck turn, dismiss Kawanoe Mine instead. Kai Search for dungeon. Turn 80 [True] Lower Chinu's max troop size to 1. If you did not dismiss Kawanoe Mine last turn, dismiss her this turn. Recruit the last recruitable guardian if prihcess have shogun princess fight and fuck done so already.

Southern Takuga territory Kentarou's great adventure Shikoku. Mazo Kentarou's great adventure Mazo. Dismiss Akashi Kazemaru if you have not already done so.

End Turn Do not let the Dokuganryuu family retake territory this turn. Turn 81 [True] If you allowed the Demon army shogub win a battle against you last turn, equip one Operation permit only to retake that area. Do not nicoldsex more than is required to retake your own territory this turn. Do not use the unit with the permit equipped this turn.

Attack Ezo - Dokuganryuu family conquered. End Turn Defend against the Sleep assault porn Army attack. Houjou Souun joins He may join later, don't worry if he did not join this turn. Turn 82 [True] Equip your remaining Operation permits on your units. Do not use them this turn. Kouhime - Protection Paper acquired - equip to Natori.

Sakamoto Ryouma This may level Ryouma. Owari Owari's fearsome warrior: Ranmaru - level up CG - If this scene has already happened for you, treat this action as a free action and impose a levy.

Kawanoe Yuzuru - level up. End Turn After the second operation permit, you will have a series of 5 shogun princess fight and fuck. Do not dhogun the Demon army to completely take one of your territories.

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