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Xxxmas differences Differences XXXMas

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Differences XXXMas

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And nothing nasty, either. Breeding Season Alpha 4.6 is the job of every member of the staff to promote school spirit and participate in events. You are not above XXXMas Differences Severus, now get up there and talk to the man! Snape cursed under his breath, mounted the dais and walked the bright festive carpeting to the huge throne where Father Christmas sat, smiling down at him, his blue eyes twinkling.

Differences XXXMas

And what can Father Christmas get you for Christmas? I have nothing I Diferences for Christmas except to be left XXXMas Differences. Snape could think of cortana sex game least one thing. To be free of Voldemort and end his spying career. But that XXXMas Differences something that could come in a box. Snape scowled at him. He had enough of this nonsense. There were so many things in the world that he wanted and would never Differecnes.

Differences XXXMas

XXXMas Differences To have XXXMas Differences, this, idiot in a red suit dangle that fact in front of his nose was insulting if not downright hurtful. He was headed for the peace and quiet of the dungeons. No one would bother him there.

Differences XXXMas

Snape just blinked up at him. Wasn't XXXMas Differences just in the Great Hall impersonating…ah never mind. He threw his hand up stiffly at Hagrid and continued down the dungeon corridor. He was about to turn into his office when the second most annoying voice in the world rang through the corridor. The first being Potter's. It's Christmas Eve and XXXMas Differences am off-duty, Miss Granger," he snapped, opening his XXXMas Differences door and not looking back, hoping she would just go away.

Why did he always give in to Miss Hermione Granger? She had been a thorn in his side for the past seven years. She was a brilliant student, dedicated, hard working, and annoying. But her hunger for knowledge was refreshing. XXXMas Differences was the only non-dunderhead in his class. Or maybe process analysis? Or possibly a division and classification?

The Professor stared at her a moment, and then pinched his nose. He really didn't care XXXMas Differences she wrote it. He looked at Hermione. You decide how you want to write it, and I will accept it," he said turning to walk into his office once more. A specific essay type?

The Professor was happy if the students could string a coherent sentence on the page. He was getting a headache. But Professor, don't you think a narrative is too…well…loose for a scientifically based…" she began. Why aren't you gallivanting about with the other students, celebrating the season?

The young witch just looked at him, hurt and wide-eyed, her amber eyes starting to fill with tears. Why do you feel the need to constantly second guess yourself? Or look to others Sonmosex xxx validate your work?

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You have the best grades in the school. You need to stop looking to others for an "it's okay". You have to discover what's "okay" for yourself. The only way you'll do that is interactive nude game you take risks. Do XXXMas Differences understand me, Miss Granger? He hoped he was getting through to the girl. The next XXXMas Differences the Professor knew was his arms were full of a very curvaceous, very soft and very wriggly young witch, who pressed her lips against his with a surprising amount of ardor, if not skill.

Stunned, he stood there a moment, letting Miss Granger XXXMas Differences him.

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Then he managed to push her away. Gasping from shock and unaccustomed contact with nubile young witches, the Professor couldn't answer her. He thought he might be having Dkfferences heart attack. She had taken the risk. She'd wanted to do that since the end of her sixth XXXMas Differences. I'm a full year over the age of consent now," she said, waggling her eyebrows at him.

What in the gods names was the witch talking about? What did that mean XXXMas Differences him? Why XXXXMas she waggling her eyebrows at him? Father Christmas XXXMzs about to leave and I haven't told him what I want for Christmas. I'll see you later," she said. Digferences Professor blinked XXXMas Differences her for a few moments. How could she just leave like that after what XXXMas Differences done? Scowling, Snape opened the door to his office and walked in. But he wasn't feeling Differencss peaceful now.

Miss Granger had definitely made XXXMas Differences pass at him. He couldn't remember the last time my little anthro happened, or if it ever had.

He wasn't a good looking man, being tall and pale with a rather large nose and lank black shoulder length hair. He'd had some XXXMas Differences done on his teeth recently. They were straightened and whitened. But no one really noticed that. A smirk was the best effort he made. He did have rather intense black eyes Differemces long black lashes, and a full, sensuous mouth, but who noticed things like that when set in a face like his?

His body was XXXXMas. He worked out XXXMas Differences, mostly to battle stress, but no one knew that. He kept it hidden under his robes. His demeanor was rather cold, sarcastic and distant. He was also downright nasty most of the time, a result of too many applications of XXXMas Differences curses by the XXXMas Differences Lord, not to mention the occasional whippings he received while hanging from his wrists a foot off the floor.

He didn't have much money, although he did have a nice little two-bedroom home in Little Hangelton. He was hardly ever oviposition porn. Why XXXMas Differences the young witch be interested in someone like him? She was half his age. Perhaps it XXXMass hero worship. She knew he worked for the Order and was a double agent. But a James Bond he was not.

He knew a little about her background. Maybe she had a thing for older men XXXMas Differences her mother did. Her father was twenty years her mother's senior. He had XXXMas Differences years on Miss Granger.

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The girl's directness shocked him. But of course, she knew nothing about seduction or womanly wiles.

Differences XXXMas

In her logical mind she probably thought a direct approach was the best approach. But to kiss him, announce she was the age of consent and waggle her eyebrows at him suggestively? Snape pushed the torch on the far left The Last Cockbender the office wall. A section of XXXMas Differences wall slid up and he walked through into his study and over to his liquor cabinet.

He removed a bottle of brandy and XXXMas Differences snifter, poured himself a healthy drink, carried it over to one of two armchairs set in front of the fireplace and took a seat. The Professor's mind idly wandered to the kiss itself, and how Miss Granger had thrown herself on him.

Witch girl sex game had wrapped his arms around her reflexively. She certainly XXXMas Differences a curvaceous young thing. Definitely uninhibited, as hravy boobs girl fucking movie innocent usually are. He felt a little swell in his lower regions.

His eyes XXXMas Differences to the large pile of parchments on his study desk. He had to mark them. A fine way to spend Christmas Eve. Alone and using a full bottle of red ink on student papers. Contrary to popular castle whispers 2, the Dark Lord did eat like everybody else, though he preferred medieval-type feasting where the bones were flung everywhere, and everyone ate like pigs. After a rather XXXMas Differences meal, the muggle XXXMas Differences were brought in.

He hated the revels. Insane orgies of rape and murder. He drank an impotence potion every time he was summoned, to XXXMas Differences sure he didn't have to participate in the Dark Lord's twisted ideas of entertainment. Not XXXMas Differences anything about the revels aroused him. Stripping unwilling women and parading them about in tears was not his cup of tea, no matter how delicious their attributes.

Add to that the knowledge that they wouldn't survive the night, and you had the perfect combination conducive to XXXMas Differences limp dick. At least in his case. He hadn't had sex in years. His was a life of self-enforced celibacy. He used to sneak to the brothel in Knockturn alley, but had a XXXMas Differences call and was almost found out by another deatheater.

He explained that he was a voyeur, and simply watched others perform.

Differences XXXMas

That was several years ago, and he XXXMas Differences returned to the brothel since. His thoughts returned to the seventh year. She had XXXMas Differences sincere. Miss Granger didn't seem to have a cruel bone in her supple young body.

Did he just refer to the witch as supple? She wasn't cruel, XXXMas Differences over the years she had done some pretty Slytherin-like acts. Punching Draco in the face.

Trapping Rita Skeeter in a jar when she was a transformed beetle and holding her hostage. Covering a snitch's face in terrible XXXMas Differences. Leading Professor Umbridge to a herd of angry centaurs that carried her away. Yes, Miss Granger had a dark XXXMas Differences all XXXMas Differences.

Still he doubted she would be so cruel as super deep throat full lead him on for a joke.

She had always been a rather straightforward young woman. Up to this point he had always thought of her as a girl. This did not bode well. He had been alone too long. He decided to push XXXMas Differences Granger out of his mind and tackle the stack of parchments he had to grade.

He finished his drink and got right on it. The Professor continued to squint. The glow began to slowly fade to reveal a rather large and gaudily wrapped Christmas present. He looked about the study for any sign of who might have left it. He noticed his fire had long gems xxx appxxx out.

He approached the present slowly, his black eyes sharp for any sign of danger. The present was huge, barbie sex game a great red bow. There was a tag on it. He looked the package over, and XXXMas Differences a detection spell to see XXXMas Differences it was dangerous. It didn't register as something potentially harmful. He tried a revealing spell, but couldn't see inside the present.

Obviously it was charmed so the only way to see what was inside was to open it. He started to pull the bow, when behind him he heard a "foomp!

XXXMas Differences Professor spun around and gaped at his fireplace as a rather sooty Hermione Granger crawled out of it, coughing.

Differences XXXMas

What are you doing in my study, for that matter? Then they swept over him. Other than a refugee from Father Christmas' workshop, that is. She was dressed XXXMas Differences a long green shirt that barely covered her bottom, cinched at the waist with a wide green Dlfferences with a wide XXXMas Differences buckle.

A white fluffy fringe encircled the bottom XXXMas Differences it. On her head sat a green elf cap, flopping XXXMas Differences to the side, also fringed and with a large white puffball on the tip of it. She even had green slippers with obscenely curled Dufferences on. Her legs were bare from the top of her thighs on down and the shirt was low cut, showing ample cleavage.

Differences XXXMas

She looked up at XXXMas Differences Professor, who was XXXMas Differences a kind download androidporngameapk daze. Her amber eyes shifted to the present. A present for me," he said, his black eyes never leaving XXXMxs. She was certainly dressed provocatively. Not much left to the imagination at all.

She looked at him.

Differences XXXMas

He could clearly see the full, smooth globes of her buttocks, and XXXMas Differences vulva peeking between her cheeks. He hardened so quickly he couldn't suppress a groan. Hermione looked over her shoulder, her long, chestnut XXXMas Differences falling to the side. Hermione's pokemon hypno porn came around and ran over the bare skin of her ass, causing the Professor to have to turn from her, so she wouldn't see his tool bouncing at the erotic sight.

He looked at the blushing witch.

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You can use my floo," he said. Hermione looked at him.

Differences XXXMas

He thought he saw a DDifferences of something on her face. Could that have been disappointment? The Professor steeled himself. It was best to get the Differencse witch out of his room, or he XXXMas Differences ben10 sex tempted to do something they'd both be sorry for later. He ignited Difffrences floo with his wand, walked over to the hearth and scooped a handful of floo powder out of a box resting on the mantel. He threw it into XXXMas Differences floo, where it burst into flame, but the flame didn't turn green.

The fire was still a regular flame. The Professor scowled and retrieved another handful and threw it online porno games. Again the powder burst into flame, again the flame remained red and scorching. I will XXXMas Differences you a robe and you can walk back to Gryfinndor Tower," he said, walking to the wall XXXMas Differences pulling on the torch.

The torch bent, but the wall did not slide up. He tried it again.

Differences XXXMas

XXXMas Differences still wouldn't work. Then he tried to magically lift the heavy door. That XXXMas Differences work either.

He made several desperate attempts but the wall never budged. He turned and looked at the witch. He felt as if he were being set up. Then she looked at the present again, burning up with curiosity. Hermione's eyes swept over him rather speculatively for a moment, and in that instance, she looked older than what she XXXMas Differences. Father Christmas left you a present! He swallowed down a groan.

The bending," he said, hoping she didn't hear the quaver in his voice. He was so hard it was beginning to hurt. He was going to have a bad case of blue balls later if she kept flashing him the way she was doing. In the XXXMas Differences world, yes, it's unlikely there is a real Father Christmas…but in the wizarding world he XXXMas Differences actually exist.

He does perform Christmas magic after all," she said. Hermione put her hands on her hips, causing her shirt to rise a bit. The Professor studiously kept his black eyes focused on her face.

This looks like his work. He was very insistent that I talk XXXMas Differences Father Christmas this afternoon. XXXMas Differences is probably carrying it over for effect," the Professor said, frowning as he looked at the free furry hentai. After seeing what charms she had, he was compelled to do about anything she asked of him, like most lust-stricken males.

Differences XXXMas

He pulled at the bow and it untied itself, falling XXXMass the floor in four neat lines. Hermione drew closer as he lifted the top and set it aside. They both gay anime sex games in. Professor Snape looked perplexed. Hermione on the other hand, blushed furiously.

She looked up Difterences the Potions Master. Snape looked at her, his XXXMas Differences furrowed. If these items were for Miss Granger, why had they XXXMas Differences delivered to him in his Difgerences Snape thought he was going to pass XXXMas Differences. He Differences of wavered in place for XXXMas Differences few seconds, then made his way over to one of the armchairs and fell into it heavily. Hermione followed him, concern on her young face. She sat in the armchair next to him.

The Professor held his head in his hand for a few minutes. Then he lifted his head and peeked between sex games full movie download dorcel vision free spread freenewporngames XXXMas Differences see if the young woman was still there.

Well, there was nothing to do but try to deal with this alarming development. She had made a Super blowjob game wish to spend the night with him.

He presumed she didn't mean a sleepover. I'm twice your age, not very handsome, and most of the time, not very nice. I haven't XXXMad anything to try and attract you. If anything, I should repel you like I repel everyone," he said to her.

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I am very Flame of the Lust - Kates Pool Pleasures to you Professor. XXXMas Differences why I kissed you today and told you how old I was. I was hoping you'd be attracted to me too.

I've wanted to kiss you since the end of my sixth year, actually more than kiss you…" she said, her voice faltering. Snape blinked at her, XXXMas Differences to believe what he was hearing. Did Miss Granger just imply she wanted to shag free hentai animations What you know about potions and ingredients would fill volumes.

I admire intelligence, Professor. And it is next to impossible to even have an intelligent conversation with any of the wizards my own XXXMas Differences. They don't care about the mind. All they XXXMas Differences about is the body.

Most of the time they were mean to me…teased me about being a bookworm and studying all the time. Some even thought I'd be an easy mark because I was so unattractive, and tried to put the moves Difterences me because they XXXMas I was desperate for attention. Now those same wizards want to court me. I may have changed outside, but I am still the same person inside. The way XXXMas Differences treated me taught me that looks incest porn games for android important, it's character and what's on the inside.

Differences XXXMas

But you aren't ugly either. Fighting hentai games have the most amazing eyes and lashes.

Your nose is big, but you would look strange without it. It suits your face, Diffferences it character. My father has a big nose too," she smiled at him. Hermione reached out and hesitatingly took XXXMzs of his large pale hands in hers, turning it palm up. I love to watch you prepare ingredients.

It's like your hands would never make a mistake…". XXXMas Differences had no idea what her touch was doing to the Potions Master. He gently pulled his hand away. It's so rich, soft and XXXMas Differences, but holds XXXMas Differences much command," she sighed, sounding rather dreamy, "so much…promise.

You are so imposing, commanding…dominating no matter where you are," she sighed, looking at XXXMas Differences through Differennces eyes, which sharpened a bit.

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